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Lamson Telelift

The Lamson Telelift (ETV) helps improve patient care by quickly and reliably transporting critical patient-care items between hospital departments. This flexible and versatile material transport solution can be mounted horizontally, vertically or overhead to fit in any building architecture design – adapting to a wide range of conditions and transport operations.

Electronic locks on the container lids prevent content tampering during transport, and optional swivel baskets keep liquids from spilling during transit. To ensure bacteria-free transport, the electric track vehicle offers options of automatic UV and wet disinfection measures. The system comes with two different models.

  • UniCar

    The UniCar Electric Track Vehicle is designed to handle payloads weighing less than 15 kg (33 lbs) and is ideal for transporting blood samples, laboratory specimens, IV bags, medication and patient records and X-rays.

  • MultiCar

    The MultiCar is the “big brother” of the UniCar and transports goods of higher payloads. Its low construction height allows for space-saving installation solutions. The system transports horizontally, vertically, and horizontally overhead. The vehicles are equipped with forward and rear drive. The technology is configured for simple and complex industrial applications. It is popular in modern libraries and hospitals thanks to its low-noise operation.

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