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Electronic Deposit Safe – Electronic Clearance Safe

  • Universal Safe

    The Lamson Universal Safe is an on-line deposit safe that accepts notes via single feed or bulk note readers.  The deposits are reqported over the Web-based Portal and offers real time audits, end of day, end of shift and comprehensive accounting and Cash Management reporting.  The brilliant high resolution Touch Screen is easy to use for the on-site operator and the Web Portal can access any number of sites for the owner, CFO or authorised Manager.  The safe is a Rated TDR to suite the security need with alarms and seismic sensors.  The Universal Safe connects to your bank for “Same Day Value” and credits takings to your account overnight.

  • Aussie TAC (NR) Note Reader

    The Aussic TAC (Timed Access Control) allows change to be dispensed throughout trading via a simple to use keypad system. The Aussie TAC is a self-serve machine, staff simply restock the machine using coin filled tubes so that change is always available. Each change drop is under a two minute time delay, effectively deterring a possible armed hold-up. The machine also offers remaining column value and treasury counting at the touch of a button. Various treasury setups are available to accommodate your business’s needs.   This compact coin dispenser with a Built in Note reader will ensure fast cash management without leaving the premise, with safe secure and instant access to coins and notes, whilst providing security and ensuring treasury of floats balances. The Aussie Tac also provides for anti-theft with time delay functionality and fast cash deposit drops if required. This safe is designed for businesses that need to hold a considerable amount of change, both coins and lower value notes.

  • Changemaster

    The Changemaster is a large rolled coin dispenser with a note reader designed to enhance and facilitate cash management operations by providing rolled coin in exchange for notes at any hour of the day, thus reducing cash register holdings to a minimum. Armoured Couriers replenish Change Masters, reducing armed robbery, internal theft and irregular balances of coin float at service checks. Various treasury setups are available to accommodate your business’s needs

  • Traditional Safes

    Drop Safes

    These safes are designed to deposit cash notes and coin without having to expose it all every time you want to open the safe. There is usually an entry into the safe via external chute or lockable draw.   The cash then falls into an internal lockable compartment. These safes also come with time delay to prevent armed robbery   Product range: TF2000, TB2000 Trading Safe small drop safe with time delay and drop chute. Trading only safe to prevent ARMED ROBBERY and lessen the cash in the registers by depositing often   Product range: TH3-D, MS300T, MS100T, TK2 DROP A trading safe and overnight storage safe with the benefit of external drop draw, external storage draw and strong and burglar proof for storage of cash and valuables

  • Vacuum Safes

    Lamson Vacuum Safes have commonly used with our retailers and pubs/clubs for over 20 years. They connect to a Lamson PTS (tube system) and allow a direct feed from your POS (cash till area) to the back of house Vacuum Safe. A range of internal safe configurations are possible including separate compartments for coin, end of shift cash tills or other valuables. The safes are TDR rated according to security needs and typically will have a remotes printer for time/date stamp of deposits. The PTS utlilzes either traditional carriers to be emptied and returned on clearance or “one-shot parachute bags” that can be taken direct to bank or C.I.T. company.   Product range: TVS, CS1, CS2, Half Holding and Half Vacuum Safe Combination

  • Register/Cigarettes Safes

    A strong metal cabinet designed to hold register drawer inserts, small amounts of cash and cigarettes to accommodate register inserts or drawers.   Product range: CS3 (small, medium & large)



  • Commercial and Compact Range Safes

    Strong commercial grade safe, various sizes and internal combinations to order.  Product range: AV1, AV2, AV3, Av6

    Smaller Strong commercial grade safe, various sizes and internal combinations to order. Product range: MS100, MS200, MS300

  • Cash Recycler

    MIMO Cash & Coin Recycler

    MIMO 300 is our brand new generation of cash handling technology, engineered to increase you bottom line by streamlining and automating cash handling operations for cash intensive business. MIMO are widely used in Supermarkets, clubs, hotels and casinos and many retailers.

    MIMOMoney-In-Money-Out – boasts a revolutionary Back Office Software program which allows you to securely monitor inventory from any location. Accounting for your full inventory including checks, coupons, and other forms of media is easier than ever. MIMO’s superior, innovative software can be customised to meet you specific needs.

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