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Lamson Giraff Robot

Telepresence has the ability to be present in another environment through the use and control of a system composed of local interfaces and remote devices such as vision and robots with mobility capabilities

The Giraff is a remote mobile robot used primarily for Aged Care. The unit often used in Telehealth or Telepresence internationally is a remote controlled over sizes tablet device offering 2-way audio and visual contact. This allows authorised staff, family or careers to make a “virtual visit” to an elderly or dependent person and communicate with them and inspect their surroundings. The Giraff can inspect for potential risks, e.g. oven on, door open, tablets taken and offer 24/7 face to face dialogue.

A combination of technologies transmitting the “presence” of a human operator to a remote site providing the feeling of being present in that remote site

  • A human operator feels likes he is in a remote site
  • A human operator feels herself embedded in a remote site
  • It is not “virtual reality”, since a real person is involved in a real place interacting with real people

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