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Automated Medication Dispensing


  • Enterprise Inventory Management

    MedPortal™ - Enterprise Inventory Management

    MedPortal™ optimizes pharmacy workflow, providing a “perpetual inventory” approach specifi- cally designed for hospital medication management. Automate supply chain control from the warehouse to dispensing; including stock level maintenance, remote inventory management and multi-location replenishment.

  • Nursing & Point of Care

    RoverRN™ - Nursing Administration Application

    Nurse Workflow, eMAR and Clinical Charting RoverRN™ is then used to verify and administer patient medications from MedRover™ or MedTower™. RoverRN™ operates in three different modes: Five RightsMode, Dispense Only, Floor Stock

  • MedTower™ - Secure Storage Cabinet

    MedTower™ is a secure and convenient medication storage system that provides nurses with access to medications in ward and point of care locations or when the inpatient pharmacy is closed The cabinets can be configured to suit specific locations needs for bulk storage of medications including refrigerated and narcotic or controlled medications. Access is controlled via RoverRN software ensuring nurses are able to pick items as an imprest item or specific to a verified patient order. Nurses dispense medication to patients around-the-clock –even if the hospital pharmacy is closed. With the MedTower, medications, narcotics and patient-care items can be securely stored and managed 24×7.

  • Inpatient & Outpatient Pharmacy

    PillPick & PillPick Lite - Unit Dose Dispensing

    The PillPick system is a fully automated unit dose packaging, storage, and dispensing system which improves pharmacy productivity and enhances patient safety by enabling bedside barcode verification of medications in unit dose form. Bulk pharmaceuticals are packaged, barcoded, and labelled into unit doses. Unit doses are then automatically placed into an automated storage module for future retrieval and dispensing to nursing units via patented ‘PickRings’ labelled for administration to patients or restocking of dispensing cabinets or imprest storage locations. Specific PillPick modules enable the preparation of bulk medications into barcoded unit doses. The unit doses can then be packed in quantity, stored in other automation systems and supplied to ward locations as imprest stock or picked for specific patient therapies.

  • UniPick 2 - Drug Dispensing System

    An automated drug dispensing system, UniPick 2 reduces the manual dispensing process for outpatient medication – decreasing errors and increasing staff productivity. Pharmacists can now spend more time counseling patients on medication information and administration. A vertical moving conveyor belt and robotic loading module comprises the pharmacy dispensing system and enables simultaneous loading and dispensing of medication. The dispensing system fills an average of 10 prescriptions per minute, reducing wait times and overcrowding at the outpatient pharmacy. All medications are stored and dispensed in their original packaging. Laser scanning capabilities provide real-time inventory checks during loading and dispensing processes to maintain optimum inventory level during peak hours.

  • BoxPicker - Pharmacy Inventory Warehouse

    Specific PillPick modules enable the preparation of bulk medications into barcoded unit doses. A high-density, automated inventory warehouse for the storage of all pharmacy medications and supplies including modules for storage of secure narcotics and refrigerated items. Medication and supplies are stored in individual bins on an internal racking system. To load or retrieve a medication, an authorized user must enter the order into the workstation using the keypad or barcode scanner. For added security, access is limited to one medication storage bin at a time, using controlled access drawers.

  • EvoTec - Virtual Drawer Storage

    Hi-Mix Hi-Volume Dispensing Medication Type – Fast-Medium-Slow Volume Packs & Bottles. Items are stored on open shelves and intelligently managed by the system optimising item stor- age location providing increased storage capacity and reduction of retrieval time for multiple item orders. Evotec can be configured in length and height providing storage capacity from 5,000 to 41,000 items. Options – Single or Dual Pick Arms, Automatic Loading Module and customisable exit locations.

  • TwinTec - Channel Storage

    Hi-Quantity & Hi-Speed Dispensing Medications Type – Fast-Medium Volume Packs & Bottles Items are stored in angled channels enabling rapid selection of items from multiple channels onto vertical conveyors. Items dispensed in each module are then transferred by the conveyor to enable high speed collation of multi-item patient or complex ward -box order. Modules can be configured to provide flexible module arrangement in linear, ‘L’ or ‘U’ shaped configurations providing capacity from 2,200 to 20,000 items.

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